Louis Vuitton vs. Chanel – Website

Louis Vuitton: The look of the Louis Vuitton website is elegant. The colors used are very on brand: tans and browns, and ties in the colors from the current campaign (blue hues). The overall design is easy to navigate and the page loads rather quickly. The font is in all caps and there are background graphics that fill the entire page on each page.

Chanel: The look is a bit more simplistic compared to Louis Vuitton. The background is white and the font is black. It is very much on brand and the fonts used are in all caps as well. The images of products, from campaigns, etc. do not take up the entire page like LV does. Instead, they show a large image against the white backdrop. Because it is more simplistic, it may be easier for not engage users for a longer period of time.

Louis Vuitton has a global ranking of 6,286 and a U.S. rank of 4,760. Chanel’s global ranking is 7,692 and has a U.S. rank of 6,918.

The average time spent of LV’s website is 5:06 compared to Chanel’s 3:20.

The search words that are linked with the website are Louis Vuitton, Louis, Louis Vuitton bags, lv, and Louis Vuitton outlet. The words that should be prioritized for the brand can be handbag, luggage, travel and luxury.


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