Pitch 2

Dear Vice President of Louis Vuitton,

I am intrigued by the brand’s success in marketing. However, as a classic luxury brand, I feel that the company can make a shift in traditional marketing styles to a new, upgraded sense.

With 4.7 million followers on instagram and 863 posts, I feel that the following could be a lot more if the instagram platform was more customer oriented. As of right now, there is no customer engagement and the posts are just of product shots from the company events, photoshoot images and campaign related content.

One good way is to hold a contest or sweepstakes to get more attention and consumers to feel that they have a chance of winning something by being loyal to the brand following them on social media.

Giving incentive is a great way to gain followers, therefore more customer acquisition. Although Louis Vuitton is a classic fashion name and will have a cult following regardless of they hold contests and such, it will not hurt to possibly explore a different niche that can be reached through social media.

Also, blogger seeding seems to be very popular and can be helpful in targeting consumers that follow the blogger and are like them in terms of where they shop, lifestyles etc. I hope my insight as a ‘younger’ shopper can help the marketing department in gaining loyal customers like myself.


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